Saffron Acres

Leicester-based charity, Saffron Lane Neighbourhood Council (SLNC), have produced a delicious new Saffron Acres Strawberry Jam, just for you.

Following the huge success of the Saffron Acres Limited Edition Spiced Plum Jam and Spiced Apple Chutney, which we produced for Christmas, our partnership with SLNC is going from strength to strength. We’re now back with a Saffron Acres Strawberry Jam for the summer season; landing in stores on Thursday, 19 June.

The results from Saffron Acres Limited Edition Christmas range have been phenomenal and we’d like to thank our customers for their support. Since the project:

  • We have helped SLNC secure extra funding to grow their team
  • SLNC are hitting their stride as a social enterprise
  • SLNC has secured new premises to make their jam
  • We have won the Affinity Marketing Award for our partnership, awarded by the prestigious Third Sector Business Charity Awards…

… and of course created a brand new jam, with the help of students from Leicester College. Saffron Acres Strawberry Jam is available in stores in and around Leicestershire* for just £1.89. An extra 10p of profits will be donated to Saffron Lane Neighbourhood Council.

We hope you enjoy the fruits of their labour. To see Saffron Acres’ journey with us from the very beginning, watch the video here video here

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Saffron Acres

Saffron Lane Neighbourhood Council (SLNC) is based on Saffron Lane in inner-city Leicester, one of the most deprived areas in the East Midlands.

The charity works to benefit the local communities in Leicester and invites volunteers to help on the Saffron Acres allotments which it owns. These can be anyone including long-term unemployed, NEETS (16-25 year olds not in education or employment) or even ex-offenders. The volunteers gain skills and confidence which in turn help them to gain employment.

The allotments also serve as an educational facility to teach local school children and community groups about food, healthy living, and sustainable lifestyles.

Saffron Acres

Leicester College run a scheme called the Learning for Living Programme which helps young adults with learning difficulties to gain skills and develop community engagement by working with food.

While the students helped to make the jam and chutney for the Saffron Acres range, they gained literacy and numeracy skills as well as confidence and pride in their work.